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What’s Happening:


  • Saturday, September 24 to Saturday, October 1 – Pastor Kate will be away from the office next week.  If anything comes up during that time, please contact the office or your Deacon.

  • Sunday, October 9th – Following worship there will be an informational meeting for everyone about the changes/upgrades to our Christian Education Building and our new tenant, Desert Peach Montessori School.  Please join us and bring any questions you might have.

  • Sunday, October 16th --

  • The 2020 Confirmation Class will be confirmed (finally) at our 10:00 am worship service. Please welcome these youth as they begin their new commitment journey. 

  • CROP Walk for Hunger will be heading out at 2:00 pm from the Snowflake Pavilion at Idlewild Park. On October 2nd, there will be a table in the narthex staffed with all-knowing people to answer your questions along with brochures that will give you a lot of helpful information.

  • Saturday, October 22nd – Fellowship & Growth will be overseeing our annual Trunk or Treat event.  It will be held in the parking lot from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm.  There’s sign-up sheet in the narthex.

  • Sunday, October 23rd – Our Deacons Committee will be hosting a pancake breakfast in the CE Building following worship. A video showing the story of the Sara Hartman stained-glass window and a video showing interviews from this church’s 75th anniversary will be shown. 

Something to Consider:

  • Grace Warner Elementary School – We are in partnership with Grace Warner Elementary School.  They have informed us that the students in this age group have a great need for personal hygiene products such as soap, shampoo, deodorant, and even feminine hygiene products.  Please consider this need, because whatever we can do to help out these youngsters is a blessing.  There’s a sign on one of the bins in the narthex for your donations. Thank you!

  • “Our Place”  –Our Place, the emergency housing provider for women and families (, has an ongoing need for women’s hygiene products (tampons/pads), and baby formula. When you come into worship or if you just stop by, please drop off your donations in the basket in the narthex by the front door. There’s a real need for these items, so thank you so much for helping out.

  • Worship Helpers/Counters – Please check out the sign-up sheets on the bulletin board to the right of the sanctuary door. We really appreciate those volunteers who step up to serve as an Usher, Greeter, or Liturgist during our worship service, and the Counters who help out after our worship service.   It really does take a village.

Other Opportunities:

  • Donations of peanut butter to fill up the little red wagon in the narthex

  • Please check out these sign-up sheets in the narthex –

  • Trunk or Treat on October 22nd – Will you be trunking it or donating candy or both!!!?

  • Volunteers to serve on transportation sub-committee. If you can help out, please sign up. When we receive a call at the office that someone needs assistance, it’s nice to be able to go to that sheet in the narthex and see if there’s someone we can call on.

  • “Beloved Hymn Sunday” favorite hymns ... while you’re here on Sunday, take a look in the hymnal and see if there’s a special hymn that you’d like to sing again.  Jot it down on the sheet in the narthex and ... voila, it shall be! 


  • In the narthex you will find printed copies of the September News from the Pews, our Church Directory, and daily devotional publications – “These Days”(July-Aug-Sept issue) and “The Upper Room” (Sept-Oct issue). The daily devotionals just might be that new way to assist you with your daily quiet time, and they are free for your use.

  • We still have the 150th Anniversary mugs and tote bags in the narthex (maybe a gift for that special someone?).  Drop your donation in the box that’s right there.

  • Finally, if you ordered a 150th Anniversary Memory Book, please take your copy from the stack in the narthex and check off your name.  It’s rather amazing to read about the history of this church, a place where friendship and love for others prospers. Enjoy!

  • Please note that there’s a ‘lost and found’ box/shelf to the right of the main door to the sanctuary.  Check to see if something of yours has been ‘found’.  I’ve placed a couple of ‘lost’ items that were left behind a couple of weeks ago on that shelf – a water bottle and a stack of fabric pieces.